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"Having enough" is a curse to the current system.
The planned obsolescence is the technical nonsensical ploy of the consumer
society to ensure a high level of prices and keep people in jobs.

The current economic system is not designed to optimise and share the
benefits brought by technology. Products are purposely designed not to
last so as to ensure the high level of prices and turnover to sustain employment.

It is the same logic that pushes powerful countries to create wars in
order to get out of an economical slowdown and its vicious circle of
rising unemployment and poverty.
A war is a diabolical economical recovery strategy that puts the nation
back at work through the war effort and the reconstruction that follows.

In the current system break downs, destruction and wars are good for
the economy. It keeps people with constant needs and creates jobs.
They are necessary draw backs that maintain a state of scarcity and keep
the system functioning. "Having enough" blocks the system. "Having
enough" creates poverty. That's how absurd this system is.

Having enough TV's will lead the TV manufacturers to fire their
employees. When we have enough of something we stop consuming it and we
create unemployment and more poverty for all those involved in its
production and commercialisation.
When one stops buying it affects the income of others who stop buying
too. This nightmarish spiral brings everybody down the track of poverty
and can only be reversed when people start buying again. When we buy
something we give to others some purchasing power and we lift everybody
upwards the spiral of prosperity.

This system relies on consumerism to escape poverty. When we have enough
the economic activity slows down and blocks. Therefore the system aims at convincing us to want more, to grow and make more and more babies. We are creating an over populated and over polluted planet full of oversized and overstuffed people.
When the population growth is no more enough to sustain the prosperity,
this relentless system needs to destroy and rebuild to keep people into jobs. The
most powerful country which possesses more than enough creates perpetual
wars partly to bring new markets to its military and reconstruction
complex and keep its population employed.

Unable to cope and accommodate with the coming abundance, the system has to trash and
destroy to create the conditions for prosperity.
It is totally absurd.

Paradism will do the complete opposite. The abundance is no more a
problem but the clear aim.
All technologies will be used, developed and optimised to never fail, to
lower prices down to zero and to suppress jobs.

This whole system has been based on the value of hard work to justify
our living incomes. One earns a living by the sweat of one's brow. No
work, no money. To earn more we have to work more.
These core values are now holding us back and they need to be abandoned.
Free time is the new value and hard work becomes the curse that our
technology will need to address.
Our purchasing power - or rather our consumption power since money will
disappear- will not come from the reward of a work well done but from
what we are rightly entitled to. It will be our birth right to benefit equally
from what is produced by our commonly owned industries functioning at
full capacity.
The limit to the production must be set by the satisfaction of
everyone's needs and not by their purchasing power.

Money is only a way to distribute goods when there is scarcity. When
there is no more scarcity the system will create artificial scarcity so
as to continue using money.
It is insane and immoral.
The old system must go.
Paradism is the system humanity needs to create and distribute the
abundance made possible by our technology.

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