حزيران 18, 2012, category: تكنولوجيا

Michio Kaku presents the personal fabricator. Our progress in nanotechnology will soon allow us to manufacture any object atom by atom, layer by layer.
It is the ultimate machine. The machine that can produce all what we can imagine as long as it is made of atoms. That includes your food, your car and the chair you seat on.
When this machine will become operational, one of its first assignement will be to duplicate itself so as to make one available to every household.
No need to produce and be delivered goods, no need to shop any more, everything we need can be made at home with the matter extracted from the ground under our feet.
All new products could be duplicated almost instantly all over the world. It is like having a fax machine but it makes 3D objects. All you need is to download the information from the model.

This technology alone brings the end of work and money.
Paradism is a technological reality.